Where are they now? Apoua Stewart

We catch up with players and club members from years gone by and see what they're up to now...

Apoua Stewart

Fullback 2000-2011

Jubilee Cup champion 2001, 2002, 2009

Apoua Stewart was a dynamic fullback for Marist St Pats throughout the 2000s. After stints away with Bay of Plenty and Coventry in the middle of the decade he returned to play three seasons with the Wellington Lions. He played two tests for Manu Samoa in 2005.

What are your favourite memories from your playing days?

Learning from the greats, Kevin Horan, Murray Tocker, Teags, Normy, Loms, Nalu, Kas etc.

Also, training and eating sawdust.

Who are some of the characters you remember?

Esava Tiko, the most talented freakish, freshest, funniest player.

Who was your toughest opponent?

Ories; all my school mates loved doing cheap shots during the games, but we always had last laugh.

What have you been up to since you finished playing?

Pursuing the dream of coaching/helping kids in schools (Perth) to learn how the the Mind works and how we can control it.

How do you still follow the club?

Social Media

What does Covid-19 look like in your part of the world and how is life different at the moment?

Personally, I'm not bothered too much about Covid-19. Just a different strain of flu we haven't adapted to yet. If you have a healthy mind and body, then it's not an issue.

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