Who is 'J Murphy'?

J Murphy was listed in MSP annual reports from 1971-73 as a life member - do you remember him by any chance?

As you are aware the club is preparing a 50th anniversary publication for next year's reunion activities over Queen's Birthday weekend in 2020. J Murphy's name was not listed among the life members of the old Marist Club in that club's 50th anniversary publication entitled The First 50 Years." Nor does a search of pre-amalgamation annual reports from the old St Pat's Club throw up any light on the subject.

There was however a J Murphy who was listed as a player in the old Marist Club's first game against Athletic in April, 1921.

J Murphy was also a Wellington representative from 1921-26; a vice-president of the Marist Club from 1937-68; Marist delegate to the WRFU from 1928-31; An executive member from 1926-27; senior coach 1929-32 (and again in 1934) and a lower grade coach in 1935

The question to you from the club's historians working on the MSP club 50th anniversary publication is therefore - is the J Murphy listed above in old Marist club documents the same person who is listed as a life member in the MSP annual reports from 1971-73?

Researchers working on the history project have not been able to establish when J Murphy was elected a life member.

Now for the theory part of it. Let's say J Murphy was born in 1895 (approx) and died in 1973. A single J Murphy could have done all of the above in 78 years of life.

If you do have any information which may be useful in establishing exactly who the J Murphy was who was listed in the MSP annual reports from 1971-73 as a life member - could you please contact Tim Donoghue either by phone 027 2734630 or by email on donoghue.tim@gmail.com

Your assistance is appreciated.

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