'Marist St Pats serious about growing Women's rugby'

The Marist St Pats Women's programme was featured strongly in an article on the Pacific Guardians website recently, highlighting the efforts to grow the game.

'It is also MSP’s good fortune that as it starts pushing women’s rugby more formally, some of their women have decided to stand up and pull from the other side.

Women’s team manager, Mrs Agnes Vaaua and Co-manager, Mrs Taofia Bryce have taken on a more proactive, some of the old heads at the club are starting to say, more “assertive” role at the club.

The most important pillar of their approach has been the development of a Strategic Plan outlining the vision, strategic goals and an implementation plan to achieve expected outcomes.

“It’s the blueprint on which our activities, initiatives and priorities are based. It gives us a roadmap, the one playbook that we are all working from to achieve our aspirations for players, officials, and Marist St Pats as a club,” says Mrs Vaaua.'

Read the full article here.

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