Photos from 50th Jubilee weekend

Photographer Steve Scott of Kapture Photography was on hand to capture the events of our 50th Jubilee over Queens Birthday weekend.

His photos are now available to view and purchase on this website:

How to purchase photos:

The Marist St Pats galleries are broken into 4 categories as follows:

  • Friday Dinner - photo's from the main floor on the Friday evening including presentations
  • Photo Wall - photo's taken in front of the sponsor logo wall in the Broad Room from both Friday and Saturday
  • Game Day - the lads in action from Saturday's game
  • Saturday Evening - photo's taken from the main floor of presentations on Saturday

People can choose between purchasing the images as a Print or a Digital Download. This is done by selecting the appropriate option under the photo in each gallery. BUY PRINTS will allow you to order photographic or canvas prints, while DOWNLOAD is a digital download only option:

Each image is $7.50 if being purchased as a Digital Download, any prints are the same price ($7.50) but with a printing cost added based on the size of the image.

A standard photo is printed at 6x4 inches. But there are other larger sizes available if desired…each will priced accordingly. The options are:

  • 6x4 inches (152.4 x 101.6mm)
  • 12x8 inches (304.8 x 203.2mm)
  • 15x10 inches (381 x 254mm)
  • 18x12 inches (457.2 x 304.8mm) This is getting pretty big!
  • 24x16 Inches (609.6 x 406.4mm) These are huge!!

In addition to choosing a size for prints, you can choose between a Lustre or Glossy

The lustre finish is neither glossy or matte and offers clear bold photographic prints but don't have quite the same depth of colour as glossy prints, however they don't reflect light like glossy prints so they can be viewed from any angle.

The glossy finish offers deep bold colours with a gloss sheen making the colours slightly more vivid that a lustre print, however they will reflect light when viewed from certain angles.

Our advice is if you are unsure of which finish to choose…choose Lustre!

Lastly, there is also the option of canvas prints, these are available in these sizes:

  • 18x12 inches (457.2 x 304.8mm)
  • 24x16 Inches (609.6 x 406.4mm)

You can choose between an Economy or Standard finish. Economy canvases are printed on polyester with long-life latex based printing and have a gloss finish. Standard canvases use the same print process but are done on a cotton-polyester mix and have a museum grade lacquer finish which protects against moisture, abrasion and UV.

Of course you can just purchase the digital download version of your desired photo(s) and have them printed or put on canvas by a provider of your choice but we recommend the team at Queensberry who fulfil our orders as they provide a quality, long lasting product.

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