Lockdown with Georgia Broughton

We're catching up with our players to hear how they have been through the COVID-19 lockdown period. Next up is Georgia Broughton who last year played her 50th game for our Premier Women.

What have you been doing to keep busy in lockdown?

I've been keeping busy in lockdown by trying to get ahead of my study. I am in my last year of a Bachelor or Arts majoring in Education, so it has given me plenty of time to focus on my assignments. Also finishing DIY projects around the house.

Best movie or tv show you've watched?

I not sure what the best is but Top Boy is up there, Drake is the producer so how can it not be good. But I've also watch Tiger King due to all the hype and I think Carol Baskin did kill her husband and feed him to the tigers!

Are you a gamer? What have you been playing?

Personally I am not a gamer but my family are and a big game in my family is Madden.

How have you been keeping in touch with your team mates?

We have been staying in touch by apps like Facetime, Snapchat and we have also had a couple Houseparty's (an app you can Facetime with multiple people and play games etc). We have also been posting our workouts daily on our Facebook group to stay fit and motivated.

What are you most looking forward to about moving to level 3?

Extending my bubble and including my grandma and grandad. Also online shopping hahaha.

How have you been keeping fit?

All the workouts from my team mates have been keeping me motivated and given me some inspiration for my own home workouts. Also trying new things like yoga.

What are you most looking forward to about rugby when it eventually returns?

Seeing and training with all my team mates and coaches! Some of them I used to see almost everyday! Also getting the opportunity to put the uniform on again and for some girls to get their 50th as well.

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Chairman Rob Evans recently shared an update on the state of affairs as we all cope with the uncertainty created by Covid-19.

We appreciate you will all have your own personal and business challenges at this time, but we hope that remaining a financial member of MSP during these tough times will be a rewarding experience in the better times when the surely they will return.

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