Lockdown with Tom Martin

We're catching up with our players to hear how they have been through the COVID-19 lockdown period. Next up is 2019 Mick Horan Memorial Trophy winner Tom Martin, who is about to enter his second season with Marist St Pats.

What have you been doing to keep busy in lockdown?

My lockdown has been a mixture of home workouts, running, mixing house music, chipping away at my design assignments for Uni and just chilling with my flat mates. There's always something to do, which is great.

Best movie or tv show you've watched?

Breaking Bad, Avatar: The Last Air Bender or Band of Brothers for sure. Bit tricky to pick a number one, but yeah can't go wrong and would run one of these cutters again in a heart beat.

Are you a gamer? What have you been playing?

Don't really game if I'm honest, but dabble now and again if someone in the house looking for a challenge.

How have you been keeping in touch with your team mates?

Messaging and touching base with Zoom calls has been good. One of the main reasons we play footy is to be able to have fun and pursue shared goals with our mates. So I think it's important to check up on one another every now and again, as some may be finding this time a bit more tricky than others.

What have you most looked forward to about moving to level 3?

I suppose not a whole lot will change, but having a couple more food options will be nice for a change up.

How have you been keeping fit?

Daily's WODs and conditioning has been a mixture of road running, intervals and boxing. It's good to keep it varied and interesting/challenging.

What are you most looking forward to about rugby when it eventually returns?

Putting on the Marist St Pats Jersey again and to play alongside the other boys, to get amongst some contact and build team morale. Being the 50th year also fuels the fire to leave it all on the field and empty the tank.

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