Lockdown with Malcolm Mashingaidze

We're catching up with our players to hear how they have been through the COVID-19 lockdown period. Next up is Under 85kg legend Malcolm 'Mamba' Mashingaidze.

What have you been doing to keep busy in lockdown?

I recently became a dad for the first time to a beautiful little girl, she's got my grey patch and all hahaha. So bonding with her during the lock down has been a welcome distraction.

Best movie or tv show you've watched?

Narcos Mexico is absolute gold! Love that show. I rewatched Black Panther a couple of times, WAKANDA FOREVER! 😅😅

Are you a gamer? What have you been playing?

Nah not at all.

How have you been keeping in touch with your team mates?

We have a group chat on messenger that we all regularly share jokes, check in and encourage each other.

What are you most looking forward to about moving to level 3?

Uber Eats!

How have you been keeping fit?

Eeerrrmmm next question hahahahaha

What are you most looking forward to about rugby when it eventually returns?

Being around the 85 lads and the whole club again, I miss the camaraderie to be honest. I'm also hanging out for many of the social events up at the clubbies too.

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Chairman Rob Evans recently shared an update on the state of affairs as we all cope with the uncertainty created by Covid-19.

We appreciate you will all have your own personal and business challenges at this time, but we hope that remaining a financial member of MSP during these tough times will be a rewarding experience in the better times when the surely they will return.

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