About Marist St Pats

Marist St Pats has built a proud tradition in the 50 years since it was established out of the merger of Marist and St Pats Old Boys. MSP has won the Jubilee Cup, the top prize in Wellington club rugby, more times than any other club since being founded in 1971.

Whether you want to play at the top level or socially, or be an MSP supporter, you can be part of a great community club with a great spirit. Nothing beats supporting club rugby from the sidelines, and enjoying one of MSP's many social functions at the clubrooms later.

To find out more, have a look at

  • Teams: you'll find a level of rugby to suit you
  • History: the players and volunteers who built Marist St Pats
  • News and Events: what's happening around the club
  • College Leavers: looking to continue your rugby career? Look no further
  • Facilities about our gym, training grounds and clubrooms
  • Join Us: become one of our 1000+ members; here's a registration form.
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