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Marist St Pats is always a contender for Wellington's top club rugby trophy, the Jubilee Cup. In the club's 49-year history, MSP has won the Cup on average every three years. The most recent win was in 2012.

As the most consistent Premier club in Wellington, we have qualified for the Jubilee Cup round every year since 1975 - for context the next longest streak is about 10 years.

The premiers' strength depends a lot on the supporting senior grades. The Premier Reserves are always very competitive in the first-round Harper Lock Shield, and competed in the second-round Hardham Cup 17 times in 21 years before the competition was restructured.

The Premier Reserves were unbeaten in 2019, winning the Harper Lock Shield and HD Morgan Memorial Cup; this side has won the first and second round trophies for two consecutive seasons. At the business end of the season, the club's depth in the senior grades is critical to the club's success.

For those recently out of school we have a thriving Under 21 'Colts' programme which is stepping stone to the Premier and Premier Reserve sides. Our 2018 side went unbeaten in the first round to win the Paris Memorial Trophy.

On the social side, the Under 85kgs, Reserve Internationals and Presidents keep the MSP flag flying. If you're too good for the All Blacks, too old for the juniors and too busy to train, there will be a place in one of these sides for you.

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  • Premier Reserve
  • Colts
  • First Grade
  • Under 85kg (weight restricted)
  • Reserve Internationals
  • Presidents

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