Henry Fidow - Life Member

At this years Annual General Meeting, Marist St Pats bestowed Life Membership honours to Henry Fidow and Pat Dunn.

This is the nomination read by Tom Mahony endorsing Henry.

Nomination for Henry Fidow

Mr President, thank you for allowing me the floor and to be heard, Chairman Rob, Madame Secretary, Mr Treasurer, Management Committee Members, Distinguished Life Members and Members of this very fine and honourable Rugby Club.

The granting of life membership to Marist St Pat’s Rugby Football Club Incorporated, in my respectful submission, should be made only where there has been an outstanding contribution by a Club Member over a sustained period of several years.

With that in mind, I would like to nominate Henry Fidow as an eminent candidate for the award of Life Membership.

Henry first joined MSP straight out of St Patrick’s College some 32 years ago in 1990, and has steadfastly and continuously remained a loyal and faithful member of the Club from that time until the present day. 

During his time as a member of the Club, Henry has contributed in many capacities.

Henry the Player

Henry was a very fine player for the Club back in his day as a 2nd 5/8, winning the award of Most Outstanding Senior 2/3 Team Member in 1999. 

I have also been reliably told that he also pushed close to having the shortest stint in the Prems when he came on in his first (and last) game only to go five minutes before being knocked unconscious.

Henry the Volunteer

Henry has been a volunteer on many fronts over the years. 

He is the Co-Founder, organiser and unofficial Patron of the iconic Vatican Army.  In 1997, he was the first Pope of colour leading the Vatican Army in cheering on the Prems to a Jubilee Cup Final victory.  That wonderful tradition has endured over the years and Henry is always leading the charge from the front and has a hand in choosing the papal appointee whenever we are in the final.

Henry has been a very effective fundraiser through raffles and sponsorship activity, utilising his extensive networks to raise thousands of dollars for the Club over the years.

He has also been a management committee member, successfully running the House side of things during his tenure as well as being a Shamrock Club member.

In 1993 Henry was awarded Most Meritorious Junior Club Member and then in 2018, he won the MSP Outstanding Club Member Award.

Indeed, at last year’s 50th Jubilee celebrations, Henry was one of a select few “MSP Legends” whose plotted summary of contributions and accolades were set out on flyers scattered around the tables and seats at the Clubrooms.

Henry the Manager

Perhaps though it is as Manager of the Presidents where I personally believe Henry’s contribution to the Club has been most significant.  Without Henry the MSP Presidents simply would not exist.  At a time where registered player numbers are dwindling throughout all Wellington clubs and presidents teams falling by the wayside, MSP has been able to put a Presidents team on the field week in and week out during the season.  I cannot recall an occasion where the Pressies have defaulted for lack of numbers.  That is, in no small part, attributable to the tireless work Henry puts in each and every week, messaging the squad, making sure we have enough guys ready to put on the red jersey come game day.  This no mean feat, but Henry puts in that effort because he is so passionate about this Club.

As sponsor of the Presidents, I am privy to all the countless texts and messaging that Henry sends out to all the team members advising (and reminding) the venue, where to meet, what time and who needs a jersey or has a spare pair of boots etc.

He ensures that all his players’ subs are paid each year and of course also encourages the team to enjoy themselves off the field with a few Steinie Classics kept cold in a chilly bin after the game. 

More importantly though, Henry recognises the importance of camaraderie and brotherhood with not only his team mates but also the opposing side by looking to provide hospitality for them up at the clubrooms whenever possible.  Having someone who makes that sort of thing happen is of great value to the Club and indeed for club rugby in general.

In addition to this rather brief outline, there are plenty more examples of Henry’s contribution to MSP over the years that I or many others could recount.

This nomination is endorsed by Mick (Spud) Joyce, Life Members MaryAnn and John Spillane, who with me and I suspect many others, would commend recognising Henry’s passion and commitment to MSP with a Life Membership.

I do hope this nomination is received favourably and I will gladly move such nomination for acceptance if that pleases our President.

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