Lighting project nearing completion

Last week the installation of the new Evans Bay Park lighting started with assistance from some great club members. A huge thanks to the participants that have collaborated on getting 8x new light fittings, 2x replacement poles and bracketry to enhance the lighting for contact sessions on Evans Bay Park.

Firstly, a big thanks to Mike and Junior Tolovaa from Advanced Electrical for sourcing the lights at a really sharp price. Also to Jack and Charlie Pothan from GSE Engineering whom provided the Hi-Ab last Wednesday and lifted the two replacement posts into place alongside Craig from Wedgelock whom made the bracketry and posts for the project.

With those pieces in place, we had three former front row forwards working on the project on Friday and Saturday morning. Brendan Reidy from Intelect Solutions doing most of the work in the cherry picker and Sean Horan (Rag Doll) our Director of Rugby up in there assisting Brendan due to weight capacity limits!

Matt Calvert relegated to site supervision and organising the coffees and pies! There was also plenty of banter including discussions about how good we used to be in the 1990s!

This week, we are hoping to have all electrical connections completed and the calibration and direction of light fittings dialled in for practice sessions.

We would like to acknowledge and thank everyone for the great work done on this project which we liken to a “National Road of Significance” and therefore essential for Marist St Pats rugby!

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