President's Monday Musings

From the pen of Marist St Pats President, John Spillane...

This week, I only really have a couple of words to share with all of those involved with the Red Machine in 2024 – and those words are:

  1. Pride, and
  2. Guts

These words apply to the most recent efforts of the Marist St Pats Premiers – but these descriptors are definitely not limited to this squad.

On Saturday, our Premiers played the top ranked team and were about 17 seconds away from beating them.

In my opinion, it would be fair to say we actually deserved that W, but without wanting to sound too new age or woke, I really don’t mind that we missed this one (it will mean so much more to get that W in the Jubilee Cup round) – but that’s another story for another day.

The fact is that words like Pride and Guts have NOT been words that have been synonymous with Marist St Pats for a wee while. It’s many years since these words were on the tip of everyone’s tongue. We lost our way - and we can thank Covid and other events that we are all acutely aware of for that – but this year things are different.

This season, the Red Machine has reconnected to its past.

The 2024 guys are playing for each other AND for their mates, families, supporters AND for everyone one who has gone before them. In my book, this is worth more than a W.

When you see pride and guts everywhere you look it just feels like the MSP of old.

Just look at the Meredith boys as an example of what I am talking about. The return of the four brothers (and their dad Luke as the team manager) has been the making of the second team this year – and it has strengthened the top team. They all played on Saturday for the Premier 2s and were all banged up after a gutsy game (those boys don’t know how to hold back) BUT they were all there supporting the Premiers and cheering on their mates.

What is evident is that the old values are returning. The things that have made Marist St Pats such a successful and robust Club for many years are back in plain sight – not just in the performance of the Premiers on Saturday, but in every other area of the Club – from Juniors to the Presidents and pretty much everywhere in-between.

The pride in the red jersey is back. The effort is there (in spades) and the commitment is obvious for everyone to see – and not just on the field.

Let’s be fair. We are a young player group this year and we have a young coaching team (Mouse excluded). We are only months into our “journey” rather than seasons, but already we are seeing so much to like.

I am really encouraged about where we are at right now because of the Pride and Guts being shown – and I am encouraged about our future because I know none of the players, coaches, managers or executive are happy and they all believe we have far more to do before we are back where we all want to be.

With that attitude, I am certain that we are not just on the right track but that we are actually flying down that track.

Keeping in the theme of pride, the club is brimming with it after the naming of Scott Robertson's first All Blacks squad with our own Billy Proctor included after an outstanding season with the Hurricanes.

The fact that Billy will be Marist St Pats' first All Black who is at St Patrick's College Old Boy is extra special. We offer our heartfelt congratulations to Billy and the Proctor family on this great achievement!

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This weekend's action - 29 June 2024

Grade Opposition Location
Premier Men
Helston Park at 2.45pm
Premier 2 Men
Pukehuia Park  at 1pm
Helston Park at 1pm
Reserve 'Internationals'
OBU 'Righteous Pink Ginners'
Hataitai Park at 2.45pm
Under 85kg Red
Poneke 'Wanderers'
Kilbirnie Park 2 at 2.45pm
Presidents 'MH Law Classics'
Porirua Park4  at 2.45pm
Netball 1
TBC at Akau Tangi Sports Centre
Netball 2
TBC at Akau Tangi Sports Centre
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