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Over the past few years, Marist St Pats has developed a strong relationship with old boys of Sacred Heart College, Auckland. A number of players have made the move to Wellington and continued their Marist affiliation by choosing Marist St Pats as their new rugby home.

Last year, Sacred Heart claimed the elusive 1A title for the first time since 1965, and to mark that 58-year drought-breaker, college old boys crafted a documentary recounting the campaign primarily through the eyes of the players. As well as match excerpts, the 41-minute documentary gives behind-the-scenes footage, player narrations of key moments and reflections from old boys, including All Blacks captain Sean Fitzpatrick. Sacred: A Rugby Story for the Ages is playing on SkySport this week. (Photo credit: Photosport)

With Sacred Heart in the spotlight, we heard from our Sacred Heart Old Boys about their special connection to the College and how that translates at Marist St Pats.

Tom Gordon

Growing up as a Catholic kid in Auckland, going to Sacred Heart College shaped me into a Marist man that was able to be a strong team member within the community. This hasn’t changed since I’ve been at Marist St Pats, the culture and community has helped me further develop as a team member of a club and community.

The continued togetherness of the club further pushes those values of a Marist man that drove me to come to the club here in Wellington. 

Noah Guise

I spent seven years at Sacred Heart College and in that time we were taught how to be a Marist man. Sacred Heart’s commitment to shaping Marist men and fostering a brotherhood for life has profoundly influenced me. The emphasis on character, respect and courage guided my growth into adulthood. 

Marist St Pat’s has effectively built on the foundational values instilled by Sacred Heart, fostering a continuation of brotherhood and personal development. Rather than just being a rugby club, Marist St Pats is a community with people willing to help you succeed in all facets of life. 

Milan Kriletich

Sacred Heart College was a place that shaped me into someone who holds high standards for myself and others. At Sacred Heart, there was always a sense of pride in the school, and as a student, I felt it was my duty to uphold its standards and honor its proud history. 

Throughout my time there, high standards were taught in all areas, from keeping a tidy appearance with our socks always pulled up, to the expectation of winning on the sports field. There was also a strong sense of brotherhood at the school. During tough times, my teachers and friends were always the first to offer support, and I remain in contact with many of them today.

Joining Marist St Pats Rugby Club built on this foundation. As soon as I joined, I was welcomed by a great group of people who wanted to help me perform my best on and off the field. The high standards from Sacred Heart carried over to Marist St Pats, with the club's numerous titles serving as a constant reminder of what is expected from any Marist St Pats team.

The brotherhood I enjoyed at Sacred Heart is very similar at Marist St Pats, the people I run out on the field with are not just my teammates but are some of my real good friends and I always look forward to catching up at the club rooms with them for a beer after a hard fought game. 

Charlie Hankins

Sacred Heart taught me many valuable lessons. One thing that is ingrained in us from an early age is our motto, "Confortare Esto Vir" – "take courage and act manfully." From the very first day of school to the last, this principle is consistently reinforced and taught through everything we do whether it was playing rugby or in the class room.

One significant influence on my journey at Sacred Heart was the people involved in my rugby. The Marist Brothers, old boys who would come back to support, and coaches like Gus Leger and Francis Stowers played huge roles in shaping who I am today.

This sense of community and commitment extended from Sacred Heart to Marist St Pats, where men and women dedicate their busy lives to help us grow as rugby players and individuals. Recognising their sacrifices and support triggers a deep sense of responsibility and pride, reminding me who I play for and why, whether it was when I was playing for Sacred Heart or now for the great club MSP.

Lourdaiz Ah Chong

I attended Sacred Heart College from 2009 to 2015. During that time, students were encouraged to participate in all facets of life at the College ranging from sporting, cultural, spiritual and academic. We were taught to be well balanced young men who readily gave back to society.

There was a strong emphasis on Catholic and Marist Special Character. Pillars such as Diligence and Love of Work, Family Spirit, Loyalty and Pride, Support and Presence for Others continue to inspire and guide me to this day. I was on the Sacred Heart College Rugby Committee from 2019 to 2024 and lead our SHC Rugby Supporters Club alongside our Patron and Old Boy Sean Fitzpatrick ONZM.

It is a privilege to now be involved at Marist St Pats who like Sacred Heart College have a set of values that its members are expected to live out in their day to day lives. For me, it is about ensuring we have young men and women of good character, help to develop their leadership skills and through rugby teach them the importance of hard work, commitment and integrity. I aim to create and foster club and school rugby connections particularly with our Catholic colleges around New Zealand. This will ensure our success in the years to come.

The Scared Heart Old Boys on the Marist St Pats Sydney Development Tour in 2023
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