Chairpersons's Christmas message

At last month's Annual General Meeting, Lourdaiz Ah Chong was appointed Chairperson of the Marist St Pats Management Committee. He shares a few thoughts as 2023 winds down.

'I’m not sure if it is because we have a Horan back at Marist St Pats in a rugby leadership role, or if it is the return of successful coaches and managers from previous eras, or the energy of the new players and crew, or if it is just because the sun is shining – whatever it is, there is a special feeling around the Club at the moment.

This is reassuring and gives me confidence that we are doing the right things in returning to the old values and processes that have been so successful for us in the past.

Our Club has a proud history – a history built around “Faith, Family, Fun and Footie” and I have witnessed all of this recently – at the off-season training that takes place at the gym each Monday and Wednesday night, at the recent AGM, and indeed whenever I see Marist St Pats people together.

I am seeing an ever-developing group of people working exceptionally hard to prepare Marist St Pats for a bumper season ahead – and I can feel the change beginning.

The overwhelming feeling, I am getting down at the gym is that of a “Club” – there is no premier team emphasis or priority given to special players – it is all about everyone working together to prepare for a successful season (whatever that may mean to each of us).

For me, success is most easily defined as “a club full of people who love being a part of the Red Machine” – be they players, coaches, managers, family members / supporters or administrators.

I want everyone to develop the same love and respect for the Club that I have, and I want everyone to truly feel like they belong. After all, this is “your club” and I sincerely believe that the trophies and championships will come as a consequence of this approach.

We've got some passionate and enthusiastic additions to the Management Committee in 2024. Along with our new President, John Spillane, I welcome Matt Calvert, Iain Potter, Henry Fidow and Fred Lefaoseu - and a big thank you to those who are continuing.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful family Christmas and that when you return to work (and your version of normality) in 2024, that you find the time to get involved and support the Club by watching some games and popping into the clubrooms to catch up with old mates and maybe even make some new ones.

Merry Christmas – I look forward to seeing you all in 2024 at Marist St Pats – a club where everyone is welcome.'

Lourdaiz Ah Chong


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