Are you leaving school this year?

Marist St Pats has a proven track record of developing young players and supporting their goals on and off the field. Every year we welcome a large number of College Leavers from around the city and the country who are looking to join a club with a strong culture and proud tradition of success.

While traditionally players from Marist colleges look to continue their playing careers within the spirit of their former school; the desire to play for Wellington's top club attracts players from a wide range of schools. All are welcome and most count their decision to join Marist St Pats as one of the best rugby decisions they've made.

There is a team for everyone

Whether you are wanting to play competitively or socially, there is a grade for you at Marist St Pats. Boasting some of the largest playing numbers in the city we have teams in every grade from weight restricted Under 85kgs, to Under 21s, right up to Premiers.

Often players straight out of school will join our Under 21 'Colts' programme. Players in this programme receive top class coaching and support to develop their skills and it is not uncommon for top performers to get the call up to the top senior sides.

Players who are looking for a more social rugby experience are welcomed to the Under 85kg grade or Internationals who play in an open weight grade.

Quickly become one of the lads

As a club we pride ourselves on providing a fun and supportive culture. With many school leavers finding their feet in their first employment or studying at university many players find this network to be invaluable. There are also regular social events at the club to get the squad together and unwind.

When it comes to the game itself there are no shortage of experienced players who are keen to help the younger players with their skills - it is not uncommon to see our professional players down at the gym working with players.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch!

There are a number of clubs to choose from in Wellington, choose the one with the proudest history and the brightest future. There is a team here that will fit your skill level and ambition.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with us, flick us a message on Facebook or send an email to

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